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Click below to see reviews, links, videos and series’ outlines for favourite romance, paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors.

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Teen Paranormal & Romance:

TK Roxborogh

Birthright<br />TK Roxborogh

Romantic Comedy:

Monkey Business
Kathryn Ledson

Monkey Business<br />Kathryn Ledson
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Fantasy & Crime Reviews

We love our romance... but sometimes nothing beats a great Fantasy or a juicy crime (can you say "shirtless Jack Reacher" anyone?).


We do our best to make sure that all our books are in the correct category, with all the appropriate information, but sometimes errors to creep in, so if you have spotted somethign you feel we need to fix, please let us know. If you think we have placed a book in the wrong category, please let us know your reasoning. Sometimes these things are obvious, but sometimes only someone who has read the book can really pick the appropriate category. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to find books similar to the ones they already like. So thanks for helping us out!

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