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Emma Holly

| The Midnight Series |
| The Demons |

Author Bio:


Emma Holly

Okay. About me. Born in New Jersey. Grew up in Baltimore. Moved to the midwest when the city I was living in started to get too scruffy. Always wanted to be a writer. (Never mind my pre-pubescent fantasies about being Batman's girlfriend. I didn't imagine I'd get paid for that.)

I wrote for a long time before I sold. Not too long, I guess, since I didn't give up, but long enough to appreciate how amazing it is that so many of my dreams are coming true. (Yes, you too can become a published author!)

My first sale was MENAGE to Black Lace. I wrote five erotic novels for them, a novella for Secrets, then sold my first historical romance to Berkley Jove. Until I worked on BEYOND INNOCENCE, I had no idea research could be enjoyable. I mean, why don't they give the fun history books with the pretty pictures to kids in high school? I could be so much less ignorant if I'd had them.

But no matter. Being ignorant is a good excuse to by more books. And learning is a pleasure, especially when you can turn it into a story someone will love.

Specifics on my various novels, including excerpts, can be found at http://www.emmaholly.com

2004 RITA for Best Paranormal Romance Finalist

Fangs Author Review:

Emma Holly is best known as being a writer of erotica.  Now, I know that this rocks some people's boats, but most erotica I find quite boring. Sad, yes I know.  However Emma Holly uses her sexual scenes to rpomote the tension in her books and the development in the intimacy between her characters and so rather than finding the erotica mechanical, it tends to just be another device she uses to produce really very intersting and enjoyable books.

Her Midnight books are excellent paranormal romances that I throughly enjoyed. However it was only when I read her Prince of Ice that I fully realised that she was an writer of erotica and that when done well with a fascinating alternative reality world, culture and politics, that this element really added to getting the blood pressure up.

Definitely for adult readers, but not hard core.



| The Midnight Series |
| The Demons |

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